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A garage door that faces the street makes up a massive visual of the property. Doors in poor shape will clash with the home for an uninspiring curb appeal. It is best to enhance the garage doors by replacing them with new ones with elaborate custom features. The primary question about the Calgary commercial garage door is its purpose.

Things to consider when installing a garage door

Doors do more than block a passageway. They allow airflow and light while protecting the space from outside weather. Some typical commercial garage door uses include the following:

  • Loading tools
  • Storing vehicles
  • Allow massive groups of people to walk in and out of the building.

Best features of the garage door

The local building codes give direction on the doors to install in different building types. The laws aim to govern the exact design, construction, and maintenance of the doors. You should check in with Advantage Garage Door Repair to learn the best kind of garage door that will suit your building design.

Types of commercial garage doors

Do you have a clear picture of how you would like the door to work? The following are the main options of garage doors to explore.

  • Overhead – The door is standard in modern homes and typically rises to the ceiling in a vertical position. We can give you a more detailed description of useable materials that will differentiate the exterior and offer different insulation levels.
  • Roll-up doors are standard in storage houses and have steel rolls for guided vertical motions. The rolls are space-convenient and have a professional and secure feature for more substantial fortification.
  • Fire-rate – The doors’ design prevents chemical or potential flammability. They control the spread of smoke and flames and make it easy to contain the fire on one side of the partition. We can include automation operations, so you do not risk your life in the event of a fire.
  • Aluminum – These contemporary doors increase light entry and are excellent for commercial spaces with most public clients, such as restaurants.
  • Insulated – Insulated doors trap heat in the building during winter and keep the air cool during summer. They are more robust than regular doors and excellent at regulating energy bills.

How to choose a custom Calgary commercial garage door


We can help you pick a design and color that fits into your architecture. A few best style indicators may include matching features with critical parts of the property.


The commercial garage door should hold up its style and function despite the building’s climatic surroundings. We may use wooden doors for a sunnier region because of minimal water damage threats.


Most people prefer the automatic door. They accommodate the added expense because it generally lightens the overall workability.

Energy efficiency

Our time never guesses the thermal efficiency of the garage door. We consider the R-value to promote energy transfer that suits your property. It is best to consult the technician on how each model will affect your monthly energy bill.

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